The Right Way to Eat KopePot's Toon

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Kaitoon is one of many egg-based dishes in Thailand. It can be served as an appetizer, quick breakfast or a main course. The main ingredients are eggs and broth of your choice. At KopePot, we prefer our very own - simmered since dawn- vegetable broth. Kaitoon has very special characteristics that you will enjoy, from fluffy texture to the flavored broth that was developed during the cooking process. It is quite a different experience in texture and mouthfeel compared to fried eggs or omelette. You can choose to customize your Toon with bacon, ham, shiitake mushroom and more

  Traditionally, Kaitoon is prepared in a ramekin and cooked in a steamer for 7-8 minutes. We cook our Toon differently. Our Toon is cooked and served in earthenware. Besides being aesthetically pleasing and alkalinity that will balance out acidity, clay pot helps us keep our eggs fluffy and moist.

The best part about cooking our Toon in clay pot is that it creates two layers, or what we like to call it double enjoyment. You'll be warming up your palate with fluffy egg and aromatic herbs. The second layer is where your choice of protein and vegetable will be cooked in vegetable broth and juices from eggs. To keep your tummy satisfied, we recommend you to mix the second layer with steamed rice, cauliflower rice or vermicelli. 

This is our KopePot way of enjoying Kaitoon. 


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