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Once upon the time, a little lady came to the United States of America with an idea to explore the country, finding the greatest, most trendy restaurant and touristy places. With the help of one app, Yelp, she got a chance to travel to many places and experienced the best and worst service at small and large restaurants. Little did she know soon she will grow to hate the very app that she loved so much.

As a restauranteur, nothing is more disheartening than to see your hard work demeaned by Yelp reviews that make a mountain out of a molehill. Because of its subjective and one sided nature of these reviews these comments do not capture the whole truth of the situation and often gives the reader an incomplete and biased picture. I for one have had enough of these comments and feel the need to write this post to speak my mind like those people would on Yelp. 

So, what we are: 

  • a small mom and pop restaurant that does not operate like a small restaurant.
  • a restaurant that prefers efficiency and streamlining their service and bringing a unique take on food in the area where we serve. 
  • A restaurant that looks like they are not busy because no customers sitting inside but we are constantly processing online orders. 
  • a restaurant where you will find yourself waiting just like you would have to wait to get a table or services from any other popular restaurant. Rather keep customers waiting, we would sometime let them know that the restaurant is closed for the time being, so they can quickly choose the next restaurant nearby.  
  • a restaurant that tries to run things efficiently by not taking order over the phone and encourages customers to read description of the products. 
  • a restaurant that wants to give it's customers options. Customer will find many options to choose from. We understand it can be overwhelming at times, though we strongly believe you will grow to love it like many of our repeating customers. 
  • a restaurant that makes food to order not preparing meals in advance. We believe fresh ingredients and fresh preparation results in great taste. This is the reason why some of our dishes take longer time to serve.  

And what we are not:

  • a full-service restaurant. Customers will find their own seating, get their own water, etc. 
  • a restaurant that serves authentic food. All the dishes we serve here are our own creation inspired by Californian and French cuisine. 
  • a restaurant that is "frozen then thawed" type. We make every thing fresh per order.
  • "a good old Mexican burrito" place. We are a great one! Regular burrito does not comes with cheese, guacamole or sour cream. 
  • a restaurant that serves cold sushi burrito
  • a master of none. We are a restaurant that provides a unique take on food. Some of our food might not be familiar to your palette, but to say that we are a master of none is completely false.

Don't get us wrong, we love to take care of our customers. We just feel that it's unfair to be judged and represented by those comments that do not truly speak for us. In case you might be interested to learn more what others says about us besides Yelp. We are very popular and loved by Grubhub users, Doordash, EzCater and many more from any online platform. Our rating as high as 92% rating on GH, 4.8 star on Doordash and so on so forth. 

We hope this post will help us help you understand who we are and explain why we sometime do things in an unorthodox way. Like the old saying goes: good things happens when you least expect it. So please keep an open mind.


Let's Eat

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