Nalm's New Journey

Posted by Nalm Or on

Stepping out of my comfort zone one more time. It's a nerve wrecking experience but have to admit I would not want it any other way. I've been down this road many times. Started a small garment business in early 90s in Thailand, then moved to US 8 years after. I had to learn new language and pick up new skills really quickly. In 2012, left a career as director of operations, took the risk to open a small burger joint in San Jose.  

I brought the kitchen back to life, creating menu concepts to maximize kitchen utilization. I've never stopped coming up with new business strategies that blend well with my passion and creativities for cooking. 5 years have passed since my first restaurant in the US, now I am challenging myself to start a new food service concept and service that I hope will change how food is experienced, served and shared.  

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