Let's Eat!

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I've been trying to lose weight for the past 6 months without luck. I guess I can blame it on my aging ūüėā.¬†Is aging really that bad? Why I could easily blame it on¬†my slow metabolism due to age. As I¬†grow older, I'd like to believe that I am getting wiser - if nothing else, at the very least I should be smarter learning from my mistakes.¬†So, why is it that my body can't seem to learn or understand that I do enjoy not only cooking but eating as well.¬†

According to countless articles and medical journals, woman at my age needs to eat less and pump more. It's like staying generally active is not hard enough already. I have to be more careful about what I eat and start taking strength training?

I began to do some research of my own to see if there is a way I can train my own body to keep a steady metabolism pace (at least not getting any worse than it already is). So, there are 3 frequent advices I have gathered: (1) sleep more (2) less carb, not no carb (3) interval training. While I'd like to believe that I can certainly do interval training. I would certainly put the 3rd challenge in a positive jar for the time being and will primary focus on no. 2 - Eating!

I grew up in Asia and we ate nothing but lots of carb ranging from appetizer likes rice puff, lunch likes chicken fried rice and dessert likes rice custard. So the chance of cutting carb out of my life is probably slim to none. Does this mean I will stay, here's the term I kept being said to, "full figured" forever?

I certainly hope not. What it means to carb lovers like me to cut carb? I came up with my own interpretation of cutting carb. It means I should eat carb on the day I'm actively busy and going to the gym and skip it on the busy work day. The next question I asked myself, what kind of carb I should eat: complex carb - of course. Do I really know what the complex carb molecularly looks like of the top of my head. The answer is no. But the logic behind complex carb is how long it takes for the cells in our body to burn and consume the energy. Simple carb like sugar can be absorbed and turned into fat really quickly. So, anything that is not refined such as whole grain or legume or even fruits should be better than white rice or white flour. 

With this in mind, I decided to create menu selections that will help me (the very first customer at KopePot) maintain a healthier diet (less carb). I want to create something that I enjoy eating. Something like cabbage rolls stuffed with lean protein, or offering less carb options like cauliflower rice instead of regular rice in the main course selections. After all, if I can make myself feel better by eating what I like to cook, so will you. 

Let's Eat!

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