Introducing Self - Checkout!

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Has this happened to you? You were hungry and running late to catch your next meeting. You decided to grab a bite at your favorite restaurant only to find there was a line out the door. Customers who were in front of you sure took their sweet time to place their orders. You ended up having to eat a cold sandwich you bought from a convenient store. This is a common conundrum that doest not make your busy day get any better. 

At KopePot, we believe you should be able to enjoy our food and service anytime you want with a minimum wait time. We believe good technology helps us achieve our goal and keep us focused on what we do best - preparing great food.

We are very excited to introduce KopePot's Kiosk center!


We created the program with you in mind. With our Kiosk program you will be able to place orders with just a tip of your finger. You can place and make a payment with your credit card right at the terminal or you can select to pay with cash at the express line.The Kiosk Center will be open for business shortly after our grand opening. Stay tuned for more information about our grand opening and up coming events. 


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