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Sushi Burrito has been gaining more and more popularity in the West Coast since 2011. The concept is simple: sushi and fast food combined. It comes with variety of selections just like your usual Maki: rice, sashimi, raw vegetable wrapped in seaweed. 

It's quite common to assume that sushi burrito must be eaten cold. One thing to note, there is no such a thing as an "authentic" sushi burrito nor any reason to only eat it cold. This food concept was created to add a new twist to an already popular concept.

At KopePot, we are offering sushi burrito with a different take. Firstly, we do not use vinegar rice. We believe brown rice is a better fit for our way of preparing Sushi burrito - warmed and with cooked meat. This is why, typical sushi rice will not go well with our warm sushi burrito. So, we urge you try our new take on preparing sushi burrito and let us know how you like it. We are sure, you will find it delightfully different. 


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