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Tired of the same menu everywhere you go? 

At KopëPot, we understand it can be boring sometimes . We pride ourselves in providing a broader and more diverse menu for your lunch and dinner. However, for those of you that want that extra touch of individuality, we are bringing a new approach to dining at Kopëpot. 

We've been thinking about how to turn an ordinary meal into an unique experience for each customer. We think we found some way to make your lunch a little more exited and enjoyable. 

As a first small step in this direction, we are introducing "Make Your Own Fried Rice"! You will get ways to make fried rice a little more... you. 🙇

In fact there are 144 ways to make your own unique fried rice. Here how it works. 





We don't have to tell you this but we know however you choose, your fried rice will be just perfect. 😆 

So why wait, come and check out our fried rice options and taste it for yourself. 


Let's Eat



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