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We are excited to introduce the newest addition to our vegetarian menu, veggie meatball kuay tiew for $6.95. Kuay Tiew is Thai noodle soup. It usually consists of flat rice noodle, vegetable (mainly bean sprout), meatball served in either beef or chicken broth.

At KopePot, we are taking this traditional Thai noodle soup and adapting it for our vegetarian friends. We replace rice noodle with aromatic vermicelli. Instead of beef or chicken broth, we use deconstructed vegetable soup. We add veggie ball and garnish with fresh parsley. This is our interpretation of Kuay-Tiew. Enjoy!


We carefully selected ingredients for our veggie ball. We want to make sure that the ingredients are simple and taste great. It's consisted of Kale, Pinto Bean, Parsley, Ground Peanut, Salt and Pepper. We hope you will enjoy our vegetarian kuay tiew and share your thought with us. 

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